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Welcome to the New...Our Hit Stop

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Our Hit Stop was originally a hastily put together forum for a core group of mTurk workers that didn't know what the future had in store for them when their old home, TurkerNation, suddenly underwent a radical change. Over the past year, it has begun to grow into it's own, and start to expand into a greater worker community.

I was just a regular member at the old site, and didn't have any particular quality that made me the obvious choice to put together our "life raft" other than being willing to pull the trigger when it looked like things were about to go bad...and I certainly didn't do it all on my own. (thanks Turking2Long and my other dutiful Moderators)

Turkers are Stubborn People

Turkers get used to doing things a certain way. We typically don't like change...sometimes not even progress; so I put together a site that looked and operated in as similar a fashion as our old home as possible. This made getting off the ground easy enough, but also I began to realize the limitations of our platform fairly quickly. It (vBulletin) is great for what it is, a forum platform, but falls short when you try and add content beyond this and customize.

So, the logical choice was to branch out and create our sister site here. This site will be where you can digest as much information as you'd like about all things mTurk. It's where we house our Scripts and Qualifications databases, showcase our YouTube videos, and hopefully impress upon you the importance of belonging to an online worker community can have on your bottom line.

So, sit back and get to work...there's much more to come.

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