What is...

OTTO is a revolutionary new application that can not only make you more money from Mechanical Turk, but change the way you work as well.


OTTO is a Chrome Extension that searches for Hits in much the same way that a scraper would, and automates the placement of Hits into your work queue in much the same way that Panda Crazy currently does. It searches for Hits, and filters them according to pay amount and other criteria. When it finds a Hit that meets your criteria, it places it into your work queue, opens a new tab for the Hit, and notifies you with a sound.

You don't search for Hits anymore. You don't spend hours staring at a scraper. You just spend your time working...instead of looking.


It's More than Hits...OTTO Makes mTurk Work Fun Again

OTTO frees you up from staring endlessly at a scraper in hopes of catching Hits, or Pandas. You just set it, and walk away. Work at your own pace, make more money. OTTO makes mTurk the way it should have been all along.

Does OTTO Violate mTurk Policies ?

OTTO operates in accordance with mTurk’s policies. It does not attempt to complete Hits on your behalf. It does not assist in the completion of Hits at all. It does not submit Hits for you. It merely places Hits of your choice into your work que. This is exactly what Panda Crazy currently does...but OTTO performs this task more gracefully, and in connection with its own scraper.

There are other Applications like this out there. Why should I use this one and not another's ?

Yes, there are..and some of them are pretty good. With OurHitStop, you always know where you can find us. Our platform, consisting of hundreds of SuperWorker members, is always there to help...and you can always get a reply directly from us in a short amount of time. We work on mTurk every day, year-round. We're known as the most friendly mTurk user forum on the web.

How Can I Get OTTO ?

OTTO is an exclusive Our Hit Stop application and is included in paid Tier 3 or higher OHS membership packages. It is intended that OTTO be used only by OHS members and every effort to ensure this will continue going forward.

If you're not yet a member at the OHS Forum, click the link in the navigation bar above and then register by following the link at the top right of any forum page to register.

If you already have a Tier 3  membership, you don’t need to do anything. Your link, instructions, and User-Specific Passphrase will be sent to you very soon.

If you're not yet a member of Our Hit Stop, join us. We're the friendliest mTurk worker forum on the web.

If you have a Tier 1 membership level, you need to upgrade this to Tier 3 in order to use OTTO. To upgrade your membership level, fill out the online form by clicking the “see more” link in the “Upgrade Your Experience (and your earnings)” message near the top of any page of our site.


You must maintain your Tier 3 membership or higher to continue to use OTTO. OTTO’s passphrases will be monitored and updated on a random basis to ensure that only those with legitimate access are using it. Do not share your passphrase with anyone. IP addresses will also be monitored and attempts to circumvent the proper usage of OTTO may result in a loss of membership.

What OTTO Users Are Saying Right Now

I got it up and running, and it caught me a $6 survey within about two seconds! Woo-hoo!

I set it at 2.5 and just caught a 3.00 hit. This hit never even showed on forker. It showed on forker about 20 seconds later...this is pretty darn AWESOME!

Crazy that it picks stuff up that I don't even see on finder or forker.

I love it. I think it's great and it makes work much more relaxing and stress free.

Well, I'm sold. I just caught my first Remesh Hit in months!

WHEE! It's easily catching so so much. I've caught more with Otto than I have with PC

It's huge! I'm actually able to focus on getting hits done instead of obsessively checking my scraper for anything I'm missing. I can see walking away at the weekend and trusting it'll actually catch something instead of second-guessing PC and whether or not I've got it set properly.

It takes so much of the work out of catching hits, I'm making goal easily without hardly trying. Paid for itself in a day without a problem.

I woke up early, turned on OTTO, from 4:45 until I walked the dogs at 6:30...I made 21.00!!!! That is half of my goal by 6:30 a.freakin m.

This is working so well, I think I'm going to run PC only to show me what's in my queue

I am making money like I used to and much easier, too. I had to turn that bad boy off so I could catch my breath!

I have made $25 by 9.30am - which is more than I usually aim for in a day!

I love it..worth every penny

How to Install OTTO

 To Install OTTO you first need to be a Tier 2 or higher member at the OHS Forums. Register for the forums at . During registration choose your desired membership tier. Shortly thereafter, you will be contacted via email with instructions. If you are already a member, simply send an email to and let us know that you want to upgrade to a tier 2 or 3 membership. Then you will be contacted by administration with your upgrade, OTTO Key, and download instructions. 


How to Use OTTO


To Begin to Use OTTO, you must click on the Logo shown above. This will be a tiny version of this logo located in your browser's toolbar.

To login, you must right click on the icon and choose "Options" from the menu. This will take you to the general settings page. Here you will see a page such as the image below. This is where you must enter your Key. If you don't yet have a Key, contact us at the email address below. (see next paragraph)

You may get a message that says "There is an issue with your login...Please contact for more information". This will either mean that you don't yet have permission to use the app, or that you've entered an invalid passphrase, you have entered no passphrase at all, or something is wrong on our end. In any of these cases, contacting us can almost certainly resolve this.

Make Sure to Click "Save" in the Upper Right of this page before leaving.


OTTO likes to sound off a little beep when it catches a Hit for you. From this page, in the Audio Settings section shown below, you can adjust which sounds you'd like to hear.

Make Sure to Click "Save" in the Upper Right of this page before leaving.


Below, you can see OTTO's Block List. Make good use of this, otherwise OTTO will send your return rate through the roof.  Click the + symbol to the right of the Search area to add a Requester to your block list. Your block list is permanent unless you delete something from it yourself.


In the image below, you can see OTTO's Hit History Screen. This is a record that OTTO keeps only during it's current mission for you. This area is useful to copy Requesters to your Block list. (Note, Do not put everything from the Hit History into your block list) OTTO only needs the Hits listed in his block list that he has actually put into your work queue, that you'd rather he hadn't.


If you are using Otto Lite, from this point, you should be able to just left click on the OTTO Icon and see the interface. (shown below)


Here's a rundown on what you can do from here:

Search Rate: This indicates how often OTTO searches for Hits for you in seconds.

Amount: This indicates the minimum dollar amount that OTTO is considering to be worth your time.

Qual: When selected, this instructs OTTO to only search for Hits that you are qualified for. (White means selected...Red is un-selected)

Masters: When selected, this instructs OTTO to Only Search for Masters level Hits.


: This is the Save Button. Click it and your new settings will be active. If you don't click it, your old settings will still be active.


: This is a link that returns you to the instructions page...(right here)

Gear Icon: Opens the Options Page where you can enter your Key, or Change OTTO's sounds.

Start: Tells OTTO to start searching for Hits. Then changes to "Stop".

Stop: Tells OTTO to stop searching for Hits. Then changes to "Start".


Here you can see what OTTO looks like when it has been running. In the above example, OTTO has identified 4 Hits that might be right for you. OTTO will reject any or all of these Hits if they turn out to not exist, or that you don't have the correct qualifications for them. When OTTO finds a Hit that's right for you, OTTO will put it into your work queue. Here, you can see that OTTO is set to run a search every second, and look for Hits that are paying at least $0.10, and that you are qualified for. Here, OTTO is looking for Masters Hits in addition to regular Hits, but will only catch them for you if you have the Masters qualification. OTTO is currently stopped.

If any of these four Hits were to be accepted by OTTO, they would be opened by OTTO in a new tab for you, if you have this option checked.

Please note: OTTO continues to catch Hits for you until you tell it to stop...even if OTTO is running in the background...and you can't see's still running.

OTTO can, and will, search for and return every Hit it can on your behalf. So, remember the following:

1. OTTO doesn't know when it's caught more Hits for you than you can do. You are the throttle here. When you see your queue getting full...turn OTTO off for a while.

2. OTTO doesn't know if you prefer batches or surveys.

3. OTTO works best at catching high dollar Hits. This is what OTTO was made for. OTTO can catch low paying Hits too, but this isn't OTTO's specialty.

4. OTTO would prefer if you let another scraper, such as Hit Forker, Hit Finder, etc. search for low paying work, such as batches, and run Pandas for them with Panda Crazy.

5. OTTO was made to catch high dollar Hits. OTTO works best when set at $1 and above.


OTTO automatically closes Hits (without accepting them) that contain this red box warning.

There is only one way to turn OTTO completely Off. You must do this from inside your browser's Extensions area. To reach this area, go to "more tools / extensions" then switch OTTO off by sliding the button at the bottom right as shown below.



OTTO can significantly increase the frequency at which your mTurk account is "calling" the mTurk system. It is very important that you monitor your average page request rate. To calculate your APRR look here : 

OTTO does not need to be running at full throttle to catch a good many hits. Keep OTTO's search rate reasonable.

OTTO will ignore Hits that it believes your scraper has already found for you. Therefore, OTTO is somewhat in competition with your scraper. We are working on an integrated scraper at this time. However, we recommend at this point, that you turn on OTTO first, and then your scraper, for best results.

Leave Panda Crazy open while using OTTO. If nothing else, you will find that PC's Queue Watch will be very valuable in showing what OTTO has actually put in your Queue.

When OTTO is running, you will see Tabs opening and closing. This is not an error. This is OTTO rejecting Hits that it thinks you either don't want, can't do, or don't actually exist.

If you are using Otto Heavy, please refer to this video: