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Our site is constantly growing and adding new features. We've already come a long way in a very short time, and would love for you to become a more active member of our group.

New Members, Upon Registering, chose which level of Membership they desired at that time. To change a membership tier after becoming a member, please contact me at admin@ourhitstop.com

Membership Levels and Privileges :

Note: The term "View" used below indicates the ability to both View and Post in an area. Please keep alert to changes, as these privileges are subject to change on a 30 day notice, and any such changes will be noted here, and possibly only here.

Tier 1: (New Member Level) Provides Basic, Free Functionality, good for getting your feet wet. Tier 1 is intended for new members. In order to get the full benefit of this site you will want to upgrade after a bit.

Can View the Current Day's DHT (Daily Hits Thread)
Custom Avatar
Can See Number of Likes on Posts
Can Send Private Messages
Can View New Member Area
Can View FAQ Area
Private Message Storage Limited to 200 (plan on outgrowing this before long)
Will be informed of user upgrades.

Tier 2: ($5.00 Monthly/Recurring) Really, the minimum you'll need going forward.

All of the Functions of Tier 1 +
Can upgrade to future developments.
Can View Qualifications Area (if you're want to qualify for better hits, you're going to need this)
Can View DHT Archive
Can Utilize Signatures
Can Add Photos
Can Vote on Polls
View Who's Online
Can view Who liked posts
Can View Requester Area
Private Message Storage Limited to 500

Tier 3: ($10.00 Monthly/Recurring) Standard Selection, best for most members.

All of the Functions of Tier 2 +
Access to OHS exclusive worker tools..(OTTO)
Can View Batch Specific Scripts Area (an area scheduled for large expansion)
Can View Developer Area (where you'll find software, scripts, apps)
Animated Avatar Capability
Unlimited Private Message Storage

Tier 4: ($15.00 Monthly Recurring) Cutting Edge, you'll be at the center of everything.

All of the Functions of Tier 3 +
Automatic Inclusion/Availability/Access to any new site developments for no additional charge... (You'll never have to pay for another thing here)
What's in development right now ? 1)A greatly enhanced "Panda Crazy". 2)A "middle ground" script that acts as a go between your favorite scraper and PC that automates many functions in a way that some might view as "Un-natural". 3)An improved scraper that does certain things automatically, such as "creating a panda and copying a hit for you to post to the board" all in one click.
First Access to Site Developed Tech.
Have Eligibility to Participate in Developer Beta Testing (this will be a big deal in the near future)
Can Create Photo Gallery
Can Create Polls
Can Upload Attachments
Unlimited Multi-Person Messaging ( I mean I'll expand our Memory capability to accommodate your needs if need be )
Can Set Self to Invisible Mode
Hide Reputation Capability
Express Help Support ( Means, I'll Drop a Hit to Fix Your Issues Now )