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Our site is constantly growing and adding new features. We've already come a long way in a very short time, and would love for you to become a more active member of our group.

New Members, Upon Registering, chose which level of Membership they desired at that time. To change a membership tier after becoming a member, please contact me at

Membership Levels and Privileges :

Note: The term "View" used below indicates the ability to both View and Post in an area. Please keep alert to changes, as these privileges are subject to change on a 30 day notice, and any such changes will be noted here, and possibly only here.

Tier 1: (New Member Level) Provides Basic, Free Functionality, good for getting your feet wet. Tier 1 is intended for new members. In order to get the full benefit of this site you will want to upgrade after a bit.

Tier 2: No Longer Available to New Members

All of the Functions of Tier 1 +
Access to Otto Lite

Tier 3: ($18.00 Monthly/Recurring) Standard Selection, best for most members.
All of the Functions of Tier 2 +
Access to Otto Lite, and Otto Heavy


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